How to Select Sports Clothes that will Improve Your Performance

Are you an active person who knows that sports could do wonders to one’s life? If you cannot live without regular workouts, you are sure to be aware of the fact that there are numerous components of success in sports. You should not only train hard but also pay attention to your technique, diet, sleep, habits, and a lot of other things to reach your goals. However, even experienced sportsmen often disregard such an important aspect as sports clothes. You might be surprised, but this factor also ranges among crucial ones. Do you know how to choose appropriate clothes for training? We are here to give you a couple of useful tips.

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First and foremost, you should remember that comfort is your priority. No matter how fashionable your clothes look, you will not be able to work out if you feel uncomfortable wearing them. When you try new clothes on, try to jump, run, sit down and do other movements to check how you feel.

Always consider the change of seasons, especially if you prefer excercising outdoors. During warm months, clothes should keep you cool. During cold weather, you need to dress warmly but not too much. Remember that you wil boost your heart rate and temperature. The best choice is to dress in layers that you can easily remove when you become hot. In any case, your clothes should wick sweat away.

You should realize that different activities require different outfits. Clothes that are good for running might be uncomfortable for weight lifting. Ideally, you should have several sets of sports clothes for different kinds of workouts.

Don’t pay any attention to fancy labels or fashion trends. There are now a lot of different new brands that cost much less than famous ones but provide the same quality of clothes. The key thing is to choose models that suit you personally – not those advertised on TV. Moreover, less known brands will save you a lot of money you can spend on other clothes or sports equipment.

Third, materials matter a lot. Opt for those that absorb or wick away sweat best and allow your skin to breathe even when you train and sweat hard. Quality is worth your investment. There are a lot of different synthetic fabrics that help sweat to evaporate quickly. If you prefer natural materials, you should consider cotton. Unlike synthetics, cotton absorbs well (so you can feel a bit “heavy” during workouts). No matter what you opt for, never wear clothes that are made of rubber-based materials.

Finally, you should opt for the clothes in your size. Neither bigger nor smaller sizes will benefit your results as you will always feel clumsy. Loose clothes can be okay for weight-lifting but does not suit for biking or running. Activities like pilates or yoga require stretchy and closely fitted fabrics.

Are you ready for your first workout? Follow our tips and make your first order right now!

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