Why you should start practicing yoga right now

Yoga has been popular since ancient times and continues to be practiced by many people from all countries until now. The secret of its popularity is that yoga is not only a type of exercise and relaxation but also a way to improve one’s wellbeing and health. And here you can learn how.

  1. You start to breathe better
    Pranayama will teach you to control your breathing. It implies deep inhalation, long pauses and slow exhalation. This way your lungs get more oxygen and the whole body relaxes. It helps you enhance the capacity and endurance of your lungs.
  2. Yoga makes your heart stronger
    Due to the rapid movement of blood, your heart will become much stronger because of the increased oxygen uptake.
  3. You become more enduring

Yoga requires involving every muscle of your body, thereby making them more enduring. After practicing yoga you can endure more intensive strength trainings, because you resiliency increases significantly.

  • You increase your flexibility
    Almost all positions in yoga require flexibility. Yoga also improves the alignment of your body by affecting joints. So, you may get rid of neck, muscle, back or any other kinds of pains and aches. Your body soon becomes flexible, mobile and balanced.
  • You will forget about your pains and aches
    Meditation and postures can relieve you from aches and pains caused by a whole range of health conditions. It all works through stretching muscles, improving alignment and making your whole body stronger and more resistant.
  • You become emotionally stable
    Yoga affects not only your body but also your spirit. In fact, for many people yoga is first and foremost a means to relax, find inner peace and get rid of stress. That is why it quickly becomes an integral part of their daily routine. Yoga can help you fight not only your pains, but also your sorrows that may spoil your day and make you frustrated. Practicing yoga you make your nerves stronger and establish an ever-working connection between body and mind. Thus, your self-control goes up to a new level. All these positive factors enumerated above help you decrease anxiety, fear, disappointment and the whole spectrum of other negative emotions.
  • You learn how to relieve stress
    It’s not that yoga only teaches you to relax. It also reduces the levels of the stress hormone, cortisol. And if you finally get rid of stress, it will result in better heart work, immune system, digestion and many other aspect of your body functioning. It will make you forget about fatigue, insomnia, asthma and anxiety. For this purpose you should use various meditation techniques.
  • You get slimmer
    If you practice yoga regularly, you start losing weight, because it makes the body get rid of the unnecessary fat stores. You speed up your metabolism and burn more calories. Besides, lowered stress levels make it easier to avoid stress-related gluttony. You get slimmer even during your sleep. You gradually get right eating habits. On the whole, your body becomes mentally and physically balanced.
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